Price Target Watch For TriMas Corporation (NASDAQ:TRS)

After a recent review, we have noted that shares of TriMas Corporation (NASDAQ:TRS) have an average target price of $26.6. This is the consensus target price provided by analysts used by Zacks Research. Professional sell-side analysts that cover the stock are usually diligently monitoring the company to gauge future stock price movements. Price target projections can be calculated using alternate methods, and they can differ from one analyst to another. Many investors will track stock target prices, especially when analysts update their projections. 

Investing in the stock market may include having to keep emotions in check. When things get crazy, investors may be forced with tough decisions. Being able to stay away from impulsive decisions may help when the time comes to tweak the portfolio. Having the proper discipline and market perspective may also be a highly desirable trait for a successful trader. Investors who are able to practice discipline may be able to avoid emotional trading pitfalls in the future. Even highly experienced investors may have to someday make the difficult decisions in order to keep the portfolio strong. Figuring out what works and what doesn’t may take many years of trial and error. Learning to filter through the daily noise can be a big asset when trying to focus on the particularly important information.

Taking a look at the current consensus broker rating for TriMas Corporation (NASDAQ:TRS), we note that the ABR is 2.6. This Zacks consensus rating follows a numerical scale where a number in the 1-2 range generally represents a Buy, a 3 would indicate a Hold and 4-5 signals a Sell rating. In terms of the number of bullish analysts that have the stock rated a Buy or Strong Buy, we can see that the number is currently 1.

Investors may be following some historical price data on shares of TriMas Corporation (NASDAQ:TRS). Over the past 12 weeks, the stock has seen a change of 5.37%. If we go back to the beginning of the year, we can see that shares have changed 8.51%. Over the last 4 weeks, shares have seen a change of -7.44%. Over the last 5 trading sessions, the stock has moved 0.2%. Investors will be monitoring stock activity over the next few weeks to try and gauge which way the momentum is leaning. Checking on some possible support and resistance levels, we have noted that that the 52-week high is currently $28.1, and the 52-week low is currently $19.9. When shares are trading close to the 52-week high or 52-week low, investors might be paying added attention. Looking at some recent action, we note that the stock has been seen trading near the $25.5 mark.

We can now shift the focus to some company earnings data. Based on projections provided by 5 individual Wall Street analysts polled by Zacks Research, TriMas Corporation (NASDAQ:TRS) has a current quarter EPS consensus estimate of 0.32. For the prior reporting period, the company posted quarterly earnings per share of 0.39. As earnings season continues, investors will be closely tracking analyst estimates. Sell-side analysts often make updates before and after the company reports earnings numbers. Following analyst estimate updates leading up to the earnings release may offer some good insight into the direction that the estimates are trending. Investors will be watching to see which companies post the largest earnings surprises this quarter.

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